Sunday, July 17, 2005

Outsourced Sunday Stylin'

Apparently, bile and outrage prompted by the Sunday Styles section in the New York Times is a zero-sum game. Since we put our bile on hiatus last week, other blogs posts about the section have seemed to have a bit more of an edge to them.

This week, Atrios himself, has taken up the cause, via Pandagon

In short, this Sunday's "Modern Love" in the Styles section is apparently a lengthy justification for firing her nanny because she didn't like the things the nanny wrote on her blog. How this is exemplary of Modern Love, or even worthy of putting in the New York Times is beyond me. Just another look at the baffling world of the Styles Section.

OK, if I write any more on this topic right now, I'm going to start ranting about the repugnant values evinced in the section and all that, and even though it's Sunday, I'm no preacher. I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day.


G. Brooke said...

If the nanny happens to be a graduate student, or an academic job-seeker of any type, she now has reason to be doubly paranoid about her blog:

(That pseudonymous article has a bucketfull of defects, but it has generated alot of talk.)

brian the pinup said...

(Note: I just feel like over-commenting right now since I can't be productive)

By "enjoy the rest of my day" did you mean "convince my friend the pinup to listen to his inner demons and drink all night instead of enjoying a quiet night at home?" Apperantly.