Thursday, July 21, 2005

Peeling an orange with your teeth

I love The Godfather almost as much as I love judicial nominations. Hence, I double love this analysis from Whiskey Bar, as excerpted on Daily Kos:

The Dems don't want to be like Fredo -- weak, insecure and eager to earn the good will of people who are inevitably going to be enemies of "the family." (That's where too many of them are at now.)

They shouldn't be like Sonny -- impulsive, emotional and a few quarts short of a full crankcase. Shrub is like that and it's usually what gets him into trouble. ("Bring 'em on!")

The Dems need to try to be more like Michael -- cool, analytical and totally pragmatic. "It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business." Sometimes that means ordering a hit, sometimes it means biding your time. Sometimes it means striking with everything you've got [...]

Sometimes it means offering to talk peace, while secretly preparing to wack the guy. Sometimes it means just plain talking peace.

But it has nothing to do with fairness or open-mindedness or listening to opposing points of view. It has to do with what's best for the "family" -- which in this case we can define broadly as those groups and constituencies in American society who oppose the GOP machine and want to see it destroyed (or at least kicked out of power.)

Karl Rove is totally Mo Green, and Joe Lieberman is banging cocktail waitresses three at a time.


bonsai said...

An interesting note, delved from the pre-movie trivia at the local indy theater: Before an unexpected early death, the actor who played Fredo appeared in only five films. All five were nominated for best picture, three of them winning. Can you name the movies, winners and non-winners (without looking at IMDB)?

CrimeNotes said...

Dog Day Afternoon; Godfathers I & II; The Conversation, and The Deer Hunter.