Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hot pin-up birthday heat

Happy birthday to blog pin-up Brian, who turns 29 today. As I was explaining to Flop in some cranky e-mails, the scorching, all-encompassing heat of the day makes it tough for me to head out. (I'm delicate in this weather, and I'm not alone.) Weather notwithstanding, best birthday wishes to Brian, and royal greetings to HMQ2K5.


Flop said...

Oh, excuse me, then. Until I was admonished to "call it the Grumpy Factor" I just assumed you were being a total weenie. I somehow made it in from the nether reaches of Queens, which you only probe on the occasion of the most Super of Bowls, and yet, you were too afflicted to make it all the way over to the West Village from your downtown lair. Do you need smelling salts, my liege?

CrimeNotes said...

Clearly, I hate heat more than you do.

brian the pinup said...

Well, I'm glad the blog was indeed represented (and that the representitive who was there has some humorous stories to tell, and was the proverbial "last [non-bday] man standing")...and thanks for the wishes. Was a fun time yesterday, though now its my annual hangover day -- which is less fun.