Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thursday substance: happy thoughts for the weekend

Flop and I face a frequent dilemma: should a site that celebrates the humble gooseberry and loves zombies address life-and-death issues? Answer: no. We don't want to make major events seem frivolous in comparison, so we opt for restraint.

Rather than directly address the London bombings, I have a request for friends on both the right and the left: Stop acting like assholes.

Not to get all David Broder on your ass, but what struck me today was the acrimony going on between both sides of the American political divide. The right-wing bastards are talking about how this works to "our" advantage. A Fox News thug says that the London bombing shows why the Olympics should have gone to Paris. (Apparently, he's hoping for an American/Al Qaeda alliance against the French.) Meanwhile, my own fellow travelers haven't even waited for the blood to dry before pointing out the obvious: that the president's military fuck-ups are going to cause a blowback.

Way to show restraint, guys.

This is a teeny, tiny preview of what's coming. When the U.S. gets its Madrid-style, London-style attack, this country is going to go batshit insane. There isn't going to be much rally-'round-the-president sentiment from those of us who cut him slack the first time. As he famously said, "Fool me -- won't get fooled again." Things are partisan now: just wait until Patriot Act Deluxe and the future anti-Saudi military actions in Iran/Syria/Indonesia. Look forward to xenophobia, war rallies, anti-war rallies, crackdowns, interrogations, jailed dissidents -- you name it.

I don't think I'm exaggerating. When an attack abroad inspires political guttersnipes within 12 hours (including right-wing fantasies about suicide bombers in Paris) it underscores that the rhetorical fallout from an attack here will make the 2004 election feel like a game of Red Rover.

Incidentally, I love Red Rover. If you haven't played it recently, give it a shot. It's the recess game that never gets old.

With that, we now resume our regularly scheduled slawing.

Addendum: Yes, I realize putting this after the Red Rover comments is somewhat self-defeating, but I've just been floored by the scumbaggery on display from the Fox News weasels. I know that it's not exactly out of the ordinary when they act like members of the J.V. Republican Club, but I can't believe people admit to thoughts like this to their friends, let alone on TV. Here's one more example. Also, I'd like to point out that John Gibson, the gloating author of the two pieces about why Paris should have gotten the Olympics, looks like a malicious turtle. I'm serious, I could have nightmares. Also, kickball is a far superior sport. I was one of the few kids in my fourth grade class who could regularly put the ball on the roof of our school where Joe the janitor would have to fetch it. -Flop, 12:04 a.m.

Addendum update: This seems to be the week I hand out bloggy Valentines, so I might as well point out that James Wolcott _ a writer I admire for his dead-on word choices, arch snark and broad, varied interests _ is just as appalled at the Fox kids as I am. I say this because for those of you who know how much I am a fan, I don't want you to think I channeled his dudgeon. I came by this bit of bile honestly. - Flop, who really should be asleep at 1:29 a.m.