Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fresh slaw

Today's the kind of day that Cole Slaw Blog lives for.

First, during a little late-morning web surfing, I saw that The Drudge Report had put up a post linking to an article involving an old friend. The article is about proper footwear etiquette when visiting the White House. I was the first to alert her to the news about her newfound fame. Needless to say, she's thrilled, and I'm happy for her. And I'm going out after work to buy my first pair of flip flops.

As if that wasn't enough, news broke this afternoon that the president will announce Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement at 9 this evening. Huzzah! If it is, indeed, Edith Clement, I hope the Democrats stay chill unless and until something egregious comes out about her. She's better than I expected from this president. The early efforts to cast her as an extremist are sort of laughable -- this rundown from the American Constitution Society engages in the kind of oversimplification I've come to expect from Fox News. She may not be the ideal, but speaking for myself, I can handle someone who has described Roe as a settled issue of law.

I'm just hoping that after the president introduces her, the first question from the press is about Karl Rove.

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Flop said...

I was at a fooddrinkery at which a baseball match was on at max volume, so even at this hour, I have no idea what the first question from the gaggle was. That said, even at this hour, I'd give 36-1 odds that it wasn't about Karl Rove.