Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mayoral post-mortem: I am out of touch

Bloomberg 58, Ferrer 39. It's like the score of a Northwestern-Indiana game.

Meanwhile, in St. Paul, Minnesota, the city voted out a Democratic mayor whose primary sin was endorsing President Bush in 2004. The new mayor is a Democrat as well. If those feisty Minnesotans had half of their city shut down while a cavalcade of right wingers exploited 9/11, somebody would have been scalped.

New York is left with a Bush-lover whose ideal urban environment appears to be Singapore. We may have to kiss our civil rights good-bye every time we step on a subway, but at least the luxury housing market will be at liberty. Maybe a couple neighborhoods will finally get razed to allow for some stadiums.

Catch you later. I have to make plans to go to a Vikings game this Sunday.

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