Sunday, February 25, 2007

An evening with CrimeNotes and Flop

Discussion agenda includes:
  • Hypothetical treatise titled "The Human Butt."
  • Medical cocaine.
  • Whether a surgeon should invite a retarded ten-year-old son to observe in the operating room.
  • Coffee enemas.
  • Prank text messages.
  • The phrase, "Me so gay."
  • Whether intestines have the most neurons in the human body outside of the brain.
  • Hillary vs. Obama.
  • Driving in the snow.
  • Crashing a snowmobile through a garage door.
  • Query: Who is the biggest pussy?
  • Query: Is Cleveland completely despicable, or just fucked up?
  • Query: When is it appropriate to root for Ohio State?
  • Idiocracy: is it funnier than Team America?
  • Variations in the rules of euchre.
  • Excessive Tivo use.
  • Tumors.
  • The injustice of Peri Gilpin never winning an Emmy award for her work on Frasier.
  • Niles Crane.
  • The Michigan State fight song.
  • Urine.
  • The bathroom habits of truck drivers.
  • Reach-arounds.
  • Ivy League hockey.
  • Crustaceans and their chitin shells.
  • Traffic in the Death Valley.
  • Surgeons who like XBox.
  • Whether Penn grads are deplorable.
  • Eating clubs at Princeton.
  • Harvard's overrated professional schools.
  • Who went to what high school in suburban Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Farting.
  • Dead raccoons, muskrats, and nutrias.
  • People who masturbate in the living room.
  • Whether winters in the Midwest make a person's cheeks "rosy."
  • South Georgia.
  • A dictatorial field hockey coach.
  • Instant messaging phrases.
  • Wikipedia.
  • The role of Jesuit priests in Japanese military history.
  • Irish Catholics who hate Notre Dame.
  • Sisters.
  • Horrible crowds at Lower East Side bars.
  • Getting trashed with parents.
  • Ph.Ds who marry.


beast of burden said...

Peri Gilpin was never even NOMINATED for an Emmy. That shit is tragic.

Jaime said...

Last week I was doing a crossword puzzle, and the answer was "euchre," but I couldn't come up with it. _ _ c _ _. Cocksucker.

TommyO said...

is farting a topic or just a flop's retort to an argument?

Flop said...

Bit of both, actually.