Friday, June 01, 2007

Cake night in America

Note: I'm bumping this post. It was published in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, but it's just too proper to languish mid-page. Read and enjoy.

Tonight we celebrated the 28th birthday of our friend Vanessa.

HMQ2K5 baked a cake. It was excellent, but we still had leftovers.

What to do?

Lower pieces of cake five stories and give them to strangers!

First, we arranged a cake-delivery system.

A minion then lowered the cake by hand.

The cake descended lower ...

... and lower ...

... and lower still.

Eventually, there was a cake mobile on Park Avenue.

This nice lady and her significant other stopped by. After being reassured that the cake didn't have any strange substances, and that we were giving away cake in honor of Vanessa's birthday, she gratefully took the slice.

We celebrated with balloons.


voidoid said...

You guys finally posted more pictures of food!

DrunkBrunch said...

If I was holding down food, I would totally try this in my building. But I applaud your ingenuity.

Flop said...

And to be fair, that "minion" is also the constructor of our cakey, alfresco dumbwaiter.

copyranter said...

you guys deserve a medal for this. a NYC cake medal, or something.