Thursday, June 28, 2007


If Statcounter is to be believed, today this site will have its 100,000th page view.

Thanks for reading, linking and commenting. It's an honor, and I say that unsarcastically. I celebrate by serving up some of Cole Slaw Blog's greatest hits.
Sophisticated Living
Sophisticated Living (Vol. II)
I'm going to eat some fucking cereal.
Hotness Factors
When dogs destroyed my parents' house
Fun with mascots
Excitable Young New Yorker is on Beverage Probation
The recent cake give-away!
Encouragement to International Marathon Runners
Retards Commandeer a Jukebox
The time I convinced classmates that Ouija Boards are real
Why it's more fun to fuck things up than to help your friends get laid
Hoot! (election edition)
An Idiot's Travels in London
A 100% true summary of topics Flop and I discussed with friends one night
Flop participates in a PR stunt and kicks some cookies
Bob Dylan fights the Rose Bowl
That time when I got super-emotional because Bo Schembechler died
10 Greatest Americans (2006 edition)
10 Greatest Americans (2005 edition)
The inauspicious first post.
Enjoy the celebratory cake.


Midwesterner in NYC said...

Good work

CrimeNotes said...

It's a triumph of longevity over quality.

Todd said...

Doubtful. I'm not a fan of low-quality unless I'm writing it.

crimenotes said...

Thanks dude. We need to talk about your Godfather problem, which is self-denial to a criminal degree.

Passion of the Weiss said...

congrats sir, the Iphone post above is classic Cole Slaw stuff. Nice work.

CrimeNotes said...

While we're giving out compliments, I'll add that your site is a model of what a blog should be: very smart but entertaining. I often learn something new, or else get a new angle on something I've put a lot of thought into myself. So, thanks.

Cock D said...

Congrats gentlemen.

Keep up the good work.