Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who's the big trendsetter?

That's right. I am.

To wit:
Cleavage for boys is all the rage. Since men don't really have breasts (usually), how can you tell if it's heavage? One open button: casual; two buttons: heavage.

I was years ahead of buzzfeed. This Cole Slaw Blog classic of heavage and short pants gone bad hits all the highlights.

Epilogue: This summer I successfully bought short pants (two pairs, bitches) and not a day too soon.

Postscript: When we flipped to the new version of Blogger, all prior posts identified Flop as the author. Don't be confused. This post was all mine.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

1. I first read that as "Cleveland for boys is all the rage."
2. When I first read "short pants," I thought you meant men's capris, and I was all oooh, and then I remembered that doing theatre has ruined my future.
3. Theatre has not ruined me enough for me to like that dumb buttonless tunic thing.