Friday, June 01, 2007

Hack newspaper writer shreds Cole Slaw Blog's scholarly work

In print journalism's biggest act of provocation since Hearst and Pulitzer yellowed up the Spanish-American War, Los Angeles Daily News "writer" Josh Kleinbaum has criticized this site's extensive scholarship of The Hold Steady:

After spending too much time analyzing [lead singer Craig] Finn's love of places, one blogger determined that "nothing good happens in California," at least in The Hold Steady's world. Thursday night, Finn and company proved him wrong - the Brooklyn band can put on a hell of a show, even in California.

Mr. Kleinbaum, your enthusiastic words for America's greatest band nearly redeem your anti-intellectual jeremiad against Cole Slaw Blog's groundbreaking research. For shame.

For a partial sampling of our analysis about the band, click here.

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