Friday, June 01, 2007

Go right ahead and let me explode

I'm still abuzz, although the emotional scintillations of last night have dimmed to just the occasional spark. I've been touring the internets, soaking in every word I can about what I saw last night. I'm finally starting to believe it actually happened.

Inside me, a voice was shrieking and hollering and jumping up and down like Bob Ufer at the end of that Indiana game. I kept my usual debonair exterior, of course.

That's never happened to me before. I'm freaking 30 and I've never had a moment like that in my 23-odd years as a fan of Cleveland sports teams. Those signature, defining games that tip world on edge for a while always, always, always come against Cleveland teams. I don't care to mention any of the moments by name or whatever now, but every single one of you has seen footage of them, even the ones of you who aren't sports fans. I guarantee it.

But I've never had a sports event short circuit me quite in that way. I've gone more bonkers over bigger wins before. But none have been delivered with such a ringing clap of thunder.

So, yes, I'm going to lose my head. Act like you've been there? Now that I have, I will next time.


dmbmeg said...

whoa whoa're an INDIANS fan? While I have been to Jacobs Field myself, although it is a beautiful stadium, please excuse me when i say this...


NOTE: as I write this, the twins are 6.5 games back at the top of the 5th--so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

crimenotes said...

When he's not watching "Ow! My Ballz!" or his favorite movie, "Ass," he's watching lame-ass Cleveland bullshit teams and annoying people who clearly don't care by breathlessly talking about them.

Fuck the Indians and the Twins, and go Tigers.