Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tony Snow's bad acting

Yesterday, the White House's paid liar took umbrage with a simple question asked of him by a reporter. The question: Does our country's policy of throwing people in prison without cause undermine our credibility as spreaders of democracy. Seeing as things like habeas corpus and due process are pretty much essential to a free society, and we're trashing them, I thought it was a fair question.

I originally planned to post the video of Tony Snow's response (which I came across at TPM) side by side with Jim Mora's similarly incredulous "playoffs" rant, under some sort of "Habeas? Are you kidding me? Habeas?" rubric. But repeated viewings of the Snow video have made me ill.

He's just oozing with smarm, pretending to be amazed by the question. Mora came by his reaction honestly. I can't stomach another viewing of the Snow video. From his reaction, he's either a dishonest shitweasel whom you shouldn't give 75 cents to get you a Caramello from the vending machine or he's just a doltish, blow-dried rube who somehow made his way up the ladder. Given that he's worked for both Fox News and the Bush administration, I'd bet the former to the table max. There's something a bit too calculated in his outrage, he's a little too quick to play dumb. He seems just like the type to seize any chance to play the aggrieved party to the hilt for his own benefit. I bet he roots for Italy in soccer tournaments.

And if you ever shot him in the junk with a foam projectile he'd totally flip shit and tell you that he could sue you for that. Because he just doesn't think you appreciate the seriousness of the War on Terror.

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Mr. Shain said...

george w. giggles every time he says the name "tony snow".