Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Elegant young lady with an eyepatch

My roommate, Emmelle, is an elegant young lady. She was told as much by an old man who asked her to pose for photos while she and friends dined at a Midtown meat festival.

Naturally, I have since chosen to make as many references to her purported elegance as possible, to the amusement of her friends and myself, if not to her. (Her natural elegance includes an interest in stories like this.)

But I wonder what that faintly creepy old guy -- who now owns several digital images of my roommate, images being put to purposes best left unconsidered -- would think if he saw her tonight when she came home tipsy and almost stabbed herself in the face while cutting her wristband off with a knife.

Eyepatches are totally elegant.


Crunk Raconteur said...

I've often said that the only thing more elegant than an elegant young lady is an elegant young lady eating a slab of ribs.

Unfortunately, every time I've asked random girls at meat festivals to pose for photos, they run away screaming. Maybe it's the trench coat...

Midwesterner in NYC said...

Eyepatches are totally elegant.

I think they are considered more dainty than elegant

Alex said...

oh dear. the words midtown meat festival are very intriguing to me. we don't have those in oklahoma

Todd said...

How can I get in contact with that old guy? I want him to take my picture.