Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CSB Product Review: Fluorescent light bulb that replaces an incandescent one

I'm trying to do my part. I've been concerned about global warming, fossil-fuel depletion and dsaving engergy since I was around 10. I've watched our nation ignore science. I've DVR-ed "An Inconvenient Truth." I visited

I took matters into my own hands and bought a compact fluorescent light bulb. You know, one of those energy-saving fluorescent bulbs you can screw into the socket for an incandescent bulb. The packaging promises that it "Simulates Natural Sunlight" has an "Uplifting and Bright Light" that "Enhances Colors" [all sic].

I felt virtuous and good until I actually screwed it in and turned it on. Now, perhaps a superior brand to the, let's see ... Feit Electric brand "Daylight 60" 60-watt replacement bulb, using only 13 watts of energy, might perform a bit better. But I have to say I'm a tad disappointed in this one.

First impression: Well, it reminds me of when I was in Budapest and visited the the House of Terror museum, located in the former headquarters of the secret police under both the Arrow Cross and Communist regimes. I could imagine prisoners slowly rotting under this kind of light. Or possibly being interrogated beneath it. Until the Styles Section tells us that Dzerzhinsky Square-chic is the new hottness, I don't see these becoming a choice in lots of homes. I sure as hell am wondering where I'll put it in mine that doesn't have me reaching for vodka and Elliott Smith albums within five minutes of turning it on.

Which sucks because I already combat global warming by voting for Democrats, not driving and turning off the lights when I leave a room. I was hoping to take another step.

Damn. Maybe I'll put it in the closet.


Jaime said...

Hrm. We have lots of those bulbs in my apartment, and we've never had a problem. But then, we're mood-lighty people, so we might be more receptive to dim, depressing lighting. I should see what kind we have, in case it's a brand difference.

And if you're ever feeling virtuous and in need of a way to channel that goodness, page through the Ask Umbra archives at Grist. Good, sane ideas there. I need to balance out my 20-minute showers somehow.

winston said...

wow. this lighting plus the plain yogurt and american cheese must make chez flop one rockin' pad.

Crunk Raconteur said...

See, here's what Flop needs to balance out.

In his younger and more larcenous days, Flop, a light off the top of an orange construction barrel (how he got it off the barrel, I don't really know). Anyway, he proudly put it in his room, not realizing the problem...namely, that these lights are made with light sensors that cause the light to flash orange when it's dark out. Or, as it turned out, when Flop went to bed and turned off the light in his room. After that, he kept it in the closet with the light on all night, every night...

Flop said...

I'm probably single-handedly responsible for the near-meltdown at Davis-Besse, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

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