Monday, March 26, 2007

Tournament of Everything: The Sweet 16

This is your Sweet 16, everybody. As you can see, the seeding committee did a bang-up job. Six of the top 16 seeds made it through -- next time, we won't do the seeding while working our way through a six-pack of Old Speckled Hen and the one part of Grand Theft Auto where you can steal the helicopter. Priorities.

As you have probably figured out by now, the winnner of the Cleveland Region will play the winner of the International Waters region for a spot in the Championship of Everything game against the winner of either the Ann Arbor region or the Devil's Lake region. The Champion of Everything will receive the coveted Anniversary Trophy, in honor of Cole Slaw Blog's second anniversary. Friday night marked baby turning two. How did we celebrate? I went out and drank crappy, but cheap, beer all night and macked on one of my roommate's friends. CrimeNotes yelled at people on the sidewalk below his apartment, then slammed the window and tried to read his Paris Review in peace, goddamit. It was a massive night.

So, anyway, here's the bracket. You're welcome.

(At Jacobs Field)

9 Procrastination vs. 5 Rushmore
6 Kari Byron vs. 10 Prague

(At Dominick's*)

9 Loreley Beer Garden vs. 5 Boogie Nights
3 Bob Dylan vs. 2 Rose Bowl

(At Tyson-Secretariat Arena)

1 Sumerians vs. 4 Industrial Revolution
14 Jacques Cousteau vs. 10 The Office (UK)

(At the DevilDome)

1 Sistine Chapel vs. 5 The Enlightenment
14 Estes Kefauver vs. 2 Animal House

*Weather permitting. In case of rain, games will be contested at Ashley's Pub.


CrimeNotes said...

There was also that part on Friday when our diminutive war-reporter friend called me on your cell phone. I got all confused and thought that you'd inhaled helium and were calling to be funny. To vent my irritation, I yelled at revellers on the street below and then took a long nap.

winston said...