Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The unsettling similarity between Adam Sandler and Bob Dylan

I keep seeing commercials for an Adam Sandler movie called Reign Over Me. Every time, I do a double-take and wonder why Bob Dylan sounds like Adam Sandler and why he's in a movie with Don Cheadle.

From the looks of the ad, the movie is a twee Safran Foer-like tale of man's effort to cope with the aftermath of September 11, a heartwarming tale of redemption, reminiscent of The Fisher King without Terry Gilliam's fundamental weirdness or a performance by Jeff Bridges, who has never gotten his due. This kneejerk skepticism may be unfair because once in awhile these kinds of movies work, and even good movies can be held hostage to lousy marketing.

I mostly worry that it drops Sandler on the fast-track to play Dylan in a Ray-like biopic directed by Taylor Hackford, to be titled Bob, noted for its vivid motorcycle-accident flashback scenes, accompanied by reviews and awards celebrating Sandler for finally showing "his chops" as an actor.

(After posting this I did a little Googling, and came across this. I'm disappointed that I'm not original but glad that I'm not alone.)


Flop said...

I'd much rather see Dylan doing Adam Sandler's act.

I bet he does a kickass version of "Lunch Lady Land."

TommyO said...

dylan's version of "medium pace" rocks out.