Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maybe some other time

The President was just on CNN, attempting to explain himself in re: The U.S. Attorney matter. He sounded like one of those people who gets all upset over something mundane when you're out at the bar, and works himself into a tizzy repeating arguments he heard elsewhere. Political points! Partisanship! Klieg lights! Bad precedent!

If I were at a bar with him, I would not have any interest in getting a beer with him. I would be very interested in paying my tab and leaving to join some people who could think for themselves and not act like everything is a direct affront to them individually.

CrimeNotes adds an addendum:

His performance today was awesomely insane, Bush-league Nixon, a freak-out of twitches, snarls, scoffing and stammering. He was a teenager incensed at being grounded for smashing up the car, a crackwhore without the crack. He acted the way I would act if someone made me wear a tux, made me stay up all night, brought me to a flower show, then took away my cigarettes: all restrained rage and blinding discomfort.

He's never been a public speaker. This was altogether different. He seemed unhinged, and he's about to provoke a Constitutional crisis.

Bring it on, you cheap dime-store hood.


Crunk Raconteur said...

Wait, you would NOT want to get a beer with a mean dry drunk with a god complex who would give you an insulting nickname?

Dude, why do you hate america?

winston said...

cn, you look great in a tux, and flower shows are such lovely, soothing events. why do you hate america?

crimenotes said...

I'm pretty sure no one reading this site has seen me in a tux. I wore one for high school prom and a couple years ago at [redacted work-related function]. Both times I wanted to shoot myself. I've vowed never to do it again.

Don't distract me with baseless flattery! I want to go back to bashing the president. This link takes you to a full video of his tantrum.


Crunk Raconteur said...

There are many things I want in life, but right near the top would be, right after the Prez said "And if you haul somebody up in front of Congress and put them in oath and all the klieg lights and all the questioning, to me, it makes it very difficult for a President to get good advice."

If someone had stood up and said "Um, Mr. President...just how good do you think the advice you've been getting from these people is?"