Thursday, March 15, 2007

Official Bracket: 2007 Tournament of Everything


At Nullarbor Plain, Australia
1 The Internet vs. 16 Bubble Gum/All Your Base Are Belong To Us (play-in game).
8 Alton Brown vs. 9 Procrastination

5 Rushmore vs. 12 Roald Dahl
4 Mass Transit vs. 13 Caffeine

At Bushwood Country Club, Fla.
6 Kari Byron vs. 11 Dempsey’s Pub
3 Muppets vs. 14 Comfortable Sweatpants

7 Prague vs. vs. 10 Reading Alone
2 HMQ2K7 vs. 15 Frisbees


At Hikone, Japan
1 Potable Water vs. 16 Getting a Haircut
8 Bohemian Beer Hall vs. Loreley Beer Garden

6 Exile on Main Street vs. Gilgamesh
3 Bob Dylan vs. 4 Foxhunting

At West Egg, N.Y.
5 Boogie Nights vs. Rodin's "The Thinker"
4 The Federal Reserve vs. Daisy Buchanan

7 Eggs Benedict vs. "All Things Considered"
2 Rose Bowl vs. 15 East Village Idiot


At Disputed Zone
1 The Sumerians vs. 16 Paper Towels
8 Hungary vs. 9 Monkeys Doing People Things

5 Winged Helmets vs. 12 St. Patrick’s Day
4 The Industrial Revolution vs. 13 Jennifer Jason Leigh

At Macau
6 Eggs vs. 11 Three’s Company Reruns
3 YouTube vs. 14 Jacques Cousteau

7 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot vs. 10 The Office (UK)
2 Breasts vs. 15 Fear of Commitment


At Fiesole, Italy
1 Sistine Chapel vs. 16 Extension Cords
8 Wikipedia vs. 9 Wicker Furniture

5 The Enlightenment vs. 12 Syracuse University
4 Pint of Bass Ale vs. 13 Pair of Clean Socks

At Windhoek, Namibia
6 Summer F. Sanders vs. 11 Hunter-Gatherers
3 Grand Theft Auto vs. 14 Estes Kefauver

7 Penicillin vs. 10 Contact Lenses
2 Animal House vs. 15 Butter


voidoid said...

Dempsey's Pub is pretty over-valued as an 11 seed.

Mr. Met said...

About a year ago, that would have been a guaranteed 11 over 6 upset, though.

VerbalD said...

15 seed "fear of commitment" should definitely upset 2 seed "breasts". Breasts are, and always have been, wayyy over-rated.

Flop said...

And Fear of Committment is one of those things that gets a bad rap, but really has nothing wrong with it. It should be a good game.