Wednesday, June 01, 2005

CrimeNotes on tour

I'm heading out tomorrow for a few days (family obligation). There likely will be no internet, 4 a.m. last calls, or Fresco tortillas -- but hopefully, there will be cable TV. For the sake of those involved, I probably won't recap the trip when I'm back on Sunday night, unless I do something stupid like dump beer on a great aunt or hear a song like "The Humpty Dance" and go nuts/flip out in front of people. If there's any luck, I'll still catch Lords of Dogtown when it opens on Friday -- you can feel the electricity in the air, bro.

In the interim, Cole Slaw Blog is in Flop's hands. I disclaim liability if he posts anything defamatory, provokes Kim Jong Il and/or the CIA, gets all existential, or commits any other crimes or sins.

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