Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend postcards

A few snapshots from my weekend out of town, followed by a brief recap.

A hiking vista.

A view of the shoreline.

More natural beauty.

My dad and uncle befriended a local bar musician who invited us out for a spin on his boat. This is the guy's dog, Cooper.

This bluegrass band did a kick-ass rendition of Snoop Dog's "Gin 'N Juice." No joke. It was smashtastic to the extreme.

The weekend started off with a bang. A friend of my brother-in-law came over to my sister's house just after shooting a four-foot porcupine that got into a fight with his dog and very nearly speared it to death. Meanwhile, a young moose was taking up residence a couple blocks away from my sister and her husband. I never got a view of the moose, but the rest of the crowd got a close-up view later in the weekend.

On Friday night, the family was getting annoying, so I struck out on my own for a night of solo small-town barhopping. Flirted with a pretty lady-bartender and befriended a dude who worked with her. The dude got off work with his friend, and I went with them to a karaoke bar that featured the scariest, nastiest bar crowd I've ever seen, and I'm a veteran of some sick upper-Midwest roadhouses. Long story short, I ended up helping out with the chorus to Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine," and spent the rest of the night pounding beers with bar workers.

On Saturday, I did my best to revolutionize wedding receptions, with an interpretive dance to AC/DC that almost blew out my kneecaps, shredded my ACLs, and left me drenched in sweat. I was totally sober at the time (for real) and later convinced the bride and her friend to participate in a game of Red Rover on the dance floor. My dad tried to dance The Worm during The Village People's "YMCA." I left the hinterlands secure in knowing that my family is now renowned for its dancing prowess, like kinetic von Trapps on crack.

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