Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Requisite weather-related bitching

I only eat cold cereal and ice cream. I only drink water and Peach Snapple. I go to bed at 10 p.m. The only time I've had beer in the past 10 days, I was drunk as a skunk (smoking like a porcupine) after three pints. I would like to know whether that was caused in part by the unbearable heat and the perspiration it inspires. I don't want to be outside. I don't want to stay in the apartment. I bought an air conditioner even though I'm cheap like that, which is helping, but not enough. I have no attention span. I have no motivation. I will not work on Cole Slaw Blog at home because the laptop feels too hot. I will not work on Cole Slaw Blog at work because duties call. (9 a.m.-6 p.m. only) I am unhappy with living in New York for the first time. I cannot wait for football season. I cannot wait for more snowball fights with strangers on Rivington Street. I am extra-whiny. Fuck this weather. It is hell.


Flop said...

I've found that the heat makes it really hard for me to concentrate, too. Fuck it, I'm moving. I'll send you news of Scandinavian Slaw.

winston said...

It finally broke here last night, and this morning is delightful. Relief is on the way soon!

CrimeNotes said...

Can't wait! I didn't even get into how badly Broome and Grand Streets reek in this heat. Every bad smell from childhood (dirty ponds, festering garbage, ill-mannered pet) is out in full force. My block just smells like wine-hungry yuppie.