Monday, June 13, 2005

What do you want?

Yes, we know the Sunday Stylin' takedown came on a Monday. Again, real lives intruded, and for all of those who had to endure Sunday with the Stylin' Section, but without our incisive commentary, we apologize. Of course, I could also say that we knew it was going to be a slow news day, and so we needed something to post on Monday. But who knew it was going to be this slow.

Addendum: I loved that I posted about what a slow news day it was just moments before turning on CNN where they're plumping for a verdict to be announced in a certain celebrity trial we just don't care about. Just so we're all clear here: Talking about that certain trial every day and night is well and good. But the Downing Street memo is old news. .

It's enough to make a man start a ceiling-fan blog.

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