Thursday, August 04, 2005

College Football Countdown: Party Up

It's just 29 days before college football season starts again. And people all over are abuzz with excitement. This includes this blog, which has found an extensive list of analogues between different college football teams and rappers that best represent them. I thought it was dead-on accurate, but then again, my knowledge of college football far outstrips my knowledge of rap. So caveat lector. I should also note that, quite appropriately, I was tipped off about this by frequent commenter and fashion adviser Crunk Raconteur.

I found the best of the comparisons tended to reach the kind of sublime ambiguity normally limited to a McSweeney's List. Reading it, you suddenly realize that the comparison fits both team and rapper equally.

One of my favorites was the Wisconsin entry. The blog's author, Ian, shows enough savvy to avoid the easy choice (House of Pain) and go with the fun, yet mostly inconsequential DMX. Most readers will rightly anticipate the SMU entry as well. It's all excellent fun, and perfect for a slow summer Friday.

But, as the great LeVar Burton used to say, you don't have to take my word for it.


Tommy O said...

I would have thought Michigan and Coolio would be paired up.

CrimeNotes said...

No Michigan? No Notre Dame?

Notre Dame = Snow.

The rundown is great nonetheless.

Flop said...

They're on other sites, which the dude linked to. Actually Michigan was paired with Rakim and Notre Dame was paired with Run DMC. Read the actual blurb at the beginning of the guy's post. Seeing Michigan and Notre Dame comparisons at other sites is what inspired him, I think. You need to scroll down some on the site, but it's there. Here's the first part of it.

"As for Michigan, the rapper whose career and abilities best resemble our program is god MC Rakim Allah. Aside from those who invented hip-hop (people like Kool Herc), Rakim may be the most influential figure in the history of the art. He’s an O.G. for sure. Similarly, Michigan didn’t actually invent football, but it might as well have done so; any school that teaches Notre Dame how to play and creates Script Ohio (one of the stupidest 'sacred' things in the sport) is fucking influential."