Thursday, August 04, 2005

Even more Ohio issues

Man, is Ohio getting shit on left and right these days.

Leaving aside the whole special election fiasco, which despite the moral victory, is still, like all moral victories, an actual loss. Look, moral victories are certainly encouraging, but that shit's for Princeton in the NCAA tournament. We should demand better. So congratulations to Paul Hackett, who should definitely run for the Senate. But no laurels should be rest upon, Ohio Democrats.

Why? Because there's too much undoing of Republican fuckery to be done. For example, the Toledo Blade has yet another story today on Ohio's modern-day Teapot Dome scandal. To wit, the mess made by GOP crony Tom Noe is such that three grand juries are now working on it. The DA's from Lucas (Toledo) and Franklin (Columbus) Counties are supervising one, while the other two are federal grand juries, requiring the attentions of both U.S. Attorneys in the state. (A nod and a free ramekin of our special sedition slaw goes to the mighty Atrios, whose blog is on top of all matters Coingate.)

Much like my co-blogger, I do recommend reflexively checking Eschaton like 20 times a day.

And then there's this.

Obviously, not just an Ohio issue, but this attack was particularly devastating, and hit Ohioans hard. There's not much more to say except that this all could have been avoided and we'd be in no less danger.

Connie Schultz, whose Pulitzer was the genesis of one of my very first blog posts here, penned a particularly heartbreaking account.


Eddie said...


CrimeNotes said...

It's a "conservative's conservative" laughing over dead soldiers!


Crunk Raconteur said...

Dude, why do conservatives hate America?

CrimeNotes said...

I don't know, but apparently they love dead troops (or at least find them hilarious).

tommy o said...

My sister's boyfriend was a memeber of Ohio's 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines before he (and she) moved to Texas where he serves as a member of the border patrol. He served with 2 of the 20 guys that died this week. This shit keeps hitting closer and closer to home (literally).

Flop said...

Not for a "Conservative's Conservative" it's not. He's for the war, as long as someone else is fighting. Then he gets to have a good chortle when they get iced. Hey, the market is hot!