Friday, August 19, 2005

Thursday Stylin': Still awful a day later

I'm trying to be less bilious in general lately, so I'll refrain from saying too much about the Stylin' crew's largely, but not wholly, ham-handed attempt at discussing how people will handle Sept. 11 this year.

I'll also refrain from pointing out too much about the Critical Shopper this week, except that my eyes bled throughout. Was it the $9,000 purple python purse? The near non-sequitur aside to Coco Chanel? Or the way the world looked so much better to her after a revelatory day of shopping?

Also, gerund headlines are the copy-editing equivalent of the walking taco.


evil girl said...

did a bear write this recipe? because there's nothing like leaving a trail of ground beef crumbs for the bears to follow through the woods. it serves as a tasty appetizer before the main course of fritos-eating hikers.

Flop said...

Memorable moment, camping in West Virginia. A kid is spilling honey all over himself and a friend quips: "That's OK. Bears don't like honey at all."

What I'm saying is bears would put more honey in it. Or at least some lukewarm porridge.