Sunday, September 16, 2007

At least there's hope in Purgatory

Unto mine eyes did recommence delight
Soon as I issued forth from the dead air,
Which had with sadness filled mine eyes and breast.

The beauteous planet, that to love incites,
Was making all the orient to laugh,
Veiling the Fishes that were in her escort.

To the right hand I turned, and fixed my mind
Upon the other pole, and saw four stars
Ne'er seen before save by the primal people.

Rejoicing in their flamelets seemed the heaven.
O thou septentrional and widowed site,
Because thou art deprived of seeing these!

When from regarding them I had withdrawn,
Turning a little to the other pole,
There where the Wain had disappeared already,

I saw beside me an old man alone,
Worthy of so much reverence in his look,
That more owes not to father any son.

--Purgatorio, Canto I (Longfellow translation). Photos published in Detroit Free Press.


voidoid said...

Well, looks like I owe Flop a bottle of fine bourbon, even though I am the one still in the throes of misery.

flop said...

Yes, but I'll share. As soon as my shipment of ice made from a spring-fed creek in Woodford County arrives, that is.