Friday, September 14, 2007

Lloyd is not the first man to know hell

Midway in our life's journey, I went astray
from the straight road and woke to find myself
alone in a dark wood. How shall I say

what wood that was! I never saw so drear,
so rank, so arduous a wilderness!
Its very memory gives a shape to fear.

Death could scarce be more bitter than that place!
But since it came to good, I will recount
all that I found revealed there by God's grace.

How I came to it I cannot rightly say,
so drugged and loose with sleep had I become
when I first wandered there from the True Way.

But at the far end of that valley of evil
whose Maize had sapped my very Hart with fear
I found myself before a little hill

and lifted up my eyes. Its shoulders glowed
already with the sweet rays of that planet
whose virtue leads men straight on every road,

and the shining strengthened me against the fright
whose agony had wracked the lake of my Hart
through all the terrors of that piteous night.

Just as a swimmer, who with his last breath
flounders ashore from perilous seas, might turn
to memorize the wide water of his death --

so did I turn, my soul still fugitive
from death's surviving image, to stare down
that pass that none had ever left alive.

And there I lay to rest from my Hart's race
till calm and breath returned to me. Then rose
and pushed up that dead slope at such a pace

each footfall rose above the last.

*Mike Hart photo found courtesy of Ron Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars. Love of Dante courtesy of Allison Cornish and Ralph Williams. University of Michigan, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I'll still love you either way.


Mr. Shain said...

Question #8:

Does your drinking affect your blog? Yes.

voidoid said...

So our schools play against each other in football tomorrow.

Cock D said...

woo hoo - 38-0. That's twice in this decade to yield that result.


Crunk Raconteur said...

Hey, congratulations on winning college football's equivalent of the NIT!

crimenotes said...

Dante, Shain. Canto I from the John Ciardi translation. Dante was not a drunk.

I'll take what I can get.

dmbmeg said...

I hate you all.

crimenotes said...

A little severe.

None of us are having fun this season. It was nice to be in the stands and actively cheer for once.

Mr. Shain said...

the first step is admitting you have a problem, crimenotes.