Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ross Ryan Field*

Two years ago the Michigan Athletic Department elected not to send the marching band to Evanston, prompting the band to travel en masse to Northwestern. They took a couple hundred seats around us.

They were great fans -- smart, loud and drunk. Michigan won, 33-17. I snapped this at the end of the night. I've always liked the two dudes in front, grim and uninterested in the Michigan kids around them.

Tomorrow's Michigan-Northwestern game is on the Big Ten Network, which means that we're damned to the same unpleasant bar that played host to Michigan's season opener. It's the first time in 28 days that I'm going to bed confident of a win. We know how that turned out last time.

* The band kids rechristened Northwestern's Welsh Ryan field in honor of Michigan's then-punter.

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Crunk Raconteur said...

Am I the only one that hopes they renamed the field in honor of the current punter, our alien overlord, Zoltan?