Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Open Letter

To my erstwhile Lost-watching friend:

Remember that time I made everyone dinner, and then CrimeNotes loaned me his first season DVDs of Lost? We watched it together, through those first couple episodes. And then the following week, we watched a couple more. And then the week after that. And it ruled. We laughed, we freaked out, we tried to decode one of the smartest and most ambitious shows we'd ever seen.

And then, you stopped coming by to watch with me. Was it something I said? But I kept watching because I couldn't just not. Especially not with those DVDs just sitting there, like eggs about to hatch or something and they were there, just sitting there! I couldn't not watch. And then dmbmeg said she'd watch with me one night, because she's been a viewer from the start, and loves it. And you said it was OK, that we'd catch up.

But it's not the same. (No offense, dmbmeg. I love watching with you.) I need to watch this with someone who is as new to it as I am. I need to have someone else to discuss this with. Even raising some issues after season one with CrimeNotes, he blabbed about something that hasn't happened yet. It's minor, but still, I didn't want to know they [highlight to reveal spoilers] discovered a giant foot. I already had the part about the sickness or disease or whatever that starts to infect them ruined by something I stumbled across while reading. And I've heard people talk about the others, and the tail section and all that.

And now, I'm eight episodes into the second season. I've almost lapped you. I know you said on my roof the other night that you were so over it, that you thought it was all "gimmickry" or whatever. I'm not buying it. I know what it's like to try to convince myself I'm not that into something (like college football right now) and it's just not true. I want you to come on back. We can watch the end of Season One together. I'd certainly benefit from a rewatch. And I need someone else with an agile and razor-sharp mind like yours to help me decode. This is a show that almost demands a discussion section. Everyone else has already seen it, and would probably tip me off to some things I don't want to be tipped off to.

So please, come on back. I can tell you that the dude you think is so hot figures prominently in the next couple episodes. I'll also make vegetarian fajitas or even a floplette with eggs fresh from the greenmarket. It can be like it was.

I can't do this alone. It's a two-person job.

-- Flop

It should go without saying that spoilers in the comments would be completely unwelcome. Such misbehavior would be a bannable offense. This is not a Lost discussion forum. Please keep in mind that although I've been catching up, the recipient of this open letter is far behind in her watching. And there might even be some people who haven't seen episode one, too.


Flop said...

I'm serious. NO SPOILERS. Consider your words carefully, lest you become a permanent enemy.

Linus said...

I watched all of One and Two in a couple of marathon weeks late this past Spring, and my girlfriend (now ex) was mighty awesome in not letting anything spoily go. Except for one tiny slip that truly didn't make a difference.

Playing catch-up like that is really odd and out of step. I wish they'd go and put out Season Three already, I'm all eager.

dmbmeg said...


Flop it's like I don't even know you anymore.

DrunkBrunch said...

I STILL haven't seen hour two of last season's finale.

I'm so mad I could knock over a mini mart.

dmbmeg said...

I'm still pissed about this.

Now I'm going to tell you about how in Season 3 the dinosaurs break their electrical fences after Newman tries to steal the dino DNA in a can of shaving cream.