Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend that was, but I wish wasn't

Commenter and gadfly crunk raconteur did the math for me. Here's the composite score of my football ventures this weekend.

Flop teams 14, Flop-ponents: 73.

Yea, it was a weekend of woe.

The Browns' bed-shitting against the Steelers no less, was an annual rite of passage. Although having a Pittsburgher IM me on Sunday and say (approximately):

IrnCty07: As a Pgh native, it is my birthright to rub this one in your face.
Flop: Thanks, but aren't yins' rubbin' elbows getting tired?
IrnCity07: Well, you'd think, but it's still fun.

So what to make of all this? Well, my hopes for the rest of the season ride on a true freshman, albeit one who spent his summer as an intern with the European Space Agency, tossing supplies up to the International Space Station; as well as this guy.

So, um, yeah. I would say it can't get worse, but it always can. I'm just glad the Indians aren't sucking, and that I've got lots of booze and Lost DVDs (on loan from the permanent collection of one Mr. Crime P. Notes.)


dmbmeg said...

Boo fucking hoo, Flop.

The Indians are kicking ass, and it just so happens they contribute the least amount to your point total.

Just for that:
Iowa Hawkeyes: 2-0
Minnesota Vikings: 1-0

Todd said...

It's not often I read another NYC blog that supports The Indians.

Did you enter?

flop said...

I did now. Thanks, Todd.

Tommy O said...

you *could* factor in your high school football team's ass whipping of 62-0 last Saturday. That would put you over the hump, though you're more disconnected than I.