Monday, September 24, 2007

Policy Roundtable

This site occasionally summarizes the world wide web's most important and sophisticated developments.
  • Cole Slaw favorite Jebus H. Christ is now co-proprietor of an Iowa-centric football blog, Black Hearts Gold Pants. Iowa's in soft focus (as I guess should be expected in a season that's been uniquely cruel to everyone) thus leaving Jebus and company to chop it up about college football more broadly. This is our gain. It's quickly become a daily stop, alongside such staples as MGoBlog and EDSBS.
  • Also, he recently made a nice girl cry on a date. :(
  • I've never said anything nice about Notre Dame. Its suffering completes me. Still, the pluck and deluded optimism shown by the school's fans in light of a historic collapse have been touching. At Michigan, half the alumni want to scrap the entire university when there's a minor fuck-up on special teams. Notre Dame becomes Temple with a history, and their fans just look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Neither approach is sensible, but I'd rather think like them than think like us. This post at Blue Gray Sky and the subsequent comments made me like the school, if only a little bit and only for a couple minutes. (Bonus points if you can spot the grammatical error in my comment.)
  • Bee-Spot Blythe and dmbmeg (more on her in a second) are running some weird-assed tournament wherein they decide which bloggers they'd like to accompany on an imaginary date. Or perhaps marry. I can't tell. Nothing about it makes sense. I started out as Blythe's No. 1 seed, and apparently haven't been eliminated yet. Personal highlights include all hell breaking loose in the comments, prompting me to drop Carrie allusions like tenth-grade me, adding to the confusion (embrace the pig blood, fuckers) and inspiring me to fall back in love with the work of Brian DePalma. I also tried to bait Jeff Weiss into a fight, but he's too much of a man to respond. It's like sixth grade, but less sophisticated.
They're all going to laugh at you!
  • Contrary to popular belief, dmbmeg is not short for "dumb Meg," though it's easy to see how some could make that mistake. But whether Dave Matthews Band or just ordinary dumb, she recently posted the most repelling vomit story since Davey "Lard Ass" Hogan woofed blueberry pies.
  • Midwesterner in the City pulls the plug. God speed, sir. Your, uh, candle burned out long before your legend ever will?
  • His passing is made easier by the apparent return of Pissed & Petty. Look out, North Brother Island.


blythe said...

you are aware the p&p is from oklahoma too, right? yes. we are taking over the (blogo)world.

Mr. Shain said...

all the real bloggers are okies.

JHC said...

Is it weird that I thought she looked amazing covered in a whole mess a blood? She was lovely in Badlands (don't bother Meg, it's a Malick film...) but nothing like that.

crimenotes said...

Yes, blogs are the best thing to happen to Oklahomans since flatness.

And while Ms. Spacek is lovely and crazed, sir, I'd peg you more as a Piper Laurie man: the red hair, the screaming, the stabbing -- a trifecta.

dmbmeg said...

To be nominated is an honor. said...

Yes, Oklahoma rules!

I regret being over a year late to this discussion, but let this comment serve as a formal shout-out to my Oklahomies (Mr. Shain and Blythe) and our inevitable victory over Mizzou for the Big-12 Championship.

I encourage everyone to email MidwesternerInNYC to express their condolences.

CrimeNotes and Flop: I look forward to your apparent return. Cheers, guys! Thanks for the mentions.