Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday Stylin': they still suck

Just because we haven't been giving The New York Times' Styles Section the back of our cabbagey hand lately doesn't mean it's been suddenly living up to our standards (or, really, any journalistic standards at all.)

While I do enjoy that I no longer make myself read that shit on a weekly basis, let's look at what I missed. An article on the subject of a recent movie.

IF you are born into the British high life, specifically to the actor Laurence Harvey and Pauline Stone, a Vogue model, and wend your way through life so that you end up chasing drug dealers, murderers and thieves through the streets of South Central Los Angeles as a bounty hunter, chances are good that someone will eventually hear your story and think it's a movie.
And chances are good that if you're a dyspeptic blogger, you're going to spit out your Mr. Pibb when you read that. Or this.

On Friday, when "Domino," starring Keira Knightley, arrives in theaters, audiences will get a glimpse of the complex, contradictory life of Ms. Harvey. But the movie's subject, who was eagerly awaiting the release, will not. She was found dead in her bathtub on June 27.
Sometimes, I myself do stupid shit because it will make other people laugh. I hope that's what the Times is doing here. The rest of the section includes more horsefeathers about Coco Fucking Chanel and an article about how high gas prices are making some people consider riding their bikes to work. I'd say something snarky like 'You heard it in the Stylin' Section first!' but I feel like I should just be thankful the Times seems to have spotted an actual trend, rather than fabricating one out of whole cloth.

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