Sunday, October 23, 2005

A wounded animal can be scary

Over at Daily Kos, Delaware Dem has posted this map showing President Bush's state-by-state approval ratings. In Texas, his approval level dropped 19 percent over the past month. Approval and disapproval ratings are equal in Montana and Alabama.

I don't think the President will be chastened. My imagination isn't gruesome enough to predict the specifics, but my guess is that he'll do things in the next year that will make Nixon look like a class act. Nixon snarled, then withered; Clinton and Reagan begged for love. Bush doesn't give a shit about that. Sinking approval ratings and a Rove indictment will make him more untethered. A spoiled rich kid without any friends wants to show everybody who's boss.

Note: After posting this, I came across a post in Daily Kos raising the same concern. I don't fear a war with Syria as much as I worry about a grimmer future for Iraq.

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