Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thanks are due

As previously alluded to, I am in fact back from a very welcome vacation. I'm pleased to see that our friends, both evil and bling-encrusted, took what appears to be excellent care of the blog.

I apologize for not popping in with updates from my travels, (although the datelines "HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C.," "CHARLESTON, S.C." and "SAVANNAH, Ga." would be a nice contrast to Crimenotes' more worldly locales).

I'll try to make up for that soon with some tales of randomness. First, though, I need to thank Blog Pinup Brian, who generously let us stay at his mother's place this week. For that matter, thanks also go to Mrs. BPB.

Also, while thanking our blog-cheesecake friend I should provide a list of the following things I now like more than I did before this trip, in no particular order.

  • Robbie Fulks, the New Pornographers, OK Go, and Ryan Adams (I still like giggling at "Summer of '69" jokes, though).
  • Shiner Bock.
  • The cities of Charleston and Savannah.
I'll probably expand on some of these later, but while I'm doling out the thanks, I should also add thanks to frequent commenter tommyo, whose recommendation of the restaurant 82 Queen in Charleston resulted in one of the most (groin-grabbingly) transcendent lunches of my entire life. I hope to expound more on my day in Charleston in the near future


tommy o said...

You know, I apologize to everyone you ate with, though, I'm sure you would have grabbed your groin no matter what the locale/food was.

Flop said...

I wasn't so uncouth as to actually grab at anything other than a fork, sir.

tommy o said...

Hey, I've known you for a long time and at this point i wouldn't have been surprised. And let's be honest nobody who knows you would have been either.

brian the pinup said...

While I'll take the credit for the idea for the Charleston trip (and the Robbie Fulks/New Pornographers/etc soundtrack) -- "big ups, Tommy O, for 82 Queen. Holy @#$# that was a good lunch. Sorry about the Indians to both of you, I hope the Sox will take care of the Sox for you guys. (figure it out as you want)

Oh, and Shiner's my find as well -- good to have friends who used to live in Houston. :)

What a week!