Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Slawgust 9!

Dude, it's totally Thursday. Remember back On This Date in Slawgust, 1974, when Richard Nixon resigned in shame?

Well, maybe George W. Bush will do that today. Although that would necessitate there being pressure on him to do so. Despite the fact that two in three Americans pretty much despise him, and he's caused more harm and there's plenty of evidence that he's committed more felonies in office than any other previously impeached president, there's no chance of him -- or the equally deserving Vice President -- being impeached. So he probably won't.

In other news, on TDiS in 48 BC (or BCE if that's how you roll) , Julius Caesar beat the snot out of Pompey. I wonder if Bush ever fancied himself a latter day Casear the way he did with Churchill.

Another fun fact. Rod Laver's birthday is today. He was born in 1938. Roger Federer's birthday was Slawgust 8 -- uh, I mean "yesterday." OMG coincidence!

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dmbmeg said...

but seriously, way to back date your posts. We're not as dumb as we look you know.