Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What is today, anyway? Slawgust 8?

Sounds about right. Anyway, today. Yeah. It sure feels like a Wednesday. Which today totally is.

Wednesday, August 8. 8-8-08. It's one year until the Olympics open in Beijing, at 8 p.m. Because eight _ 8 if you prefer _ is lucky.

That's a future This Date in Slawgust. And you thought we were only going to look backward. Oh no.

Well, OK. We totally can, in executive-summary paragraph form.

In 1220, the Battle of Lihula was lost. By Sweden. In 1605 the city of Oulu, Finland, was founded. By Sweden. And in 1915, affordable, well-designed homewares, Volvos and sweet n' sour sauce were all invented ... BY FUCKING SWEDEN!

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