Monday, August 20, 2007

Separation Monday

I feel, uh, a little awkward telling you this, but where blogging and I are concerned, we're on indefinite hiatus.

Chances are that this is a Joseph Mitchell-type hiatus, not a few weeks' sabbatical, but you never know. Maybe I'll be gone for a month and decide that I miss it.

Awkward, huh? You can work through it. Flop will still be here, at least through football season. You were okay before me and you'll be fine without me.

Thanks for reading, writing and linking. It's been an honor.


Jaime said...

This is not okay. I mean, I hope everything's alright, and that this is because you're too busy with something fabulous than something bad, but assuming nothing's wrong, I am not okay with this. I'm pouting. And I'm gonna keep pouting. Hmmf.

Crunk Raconteur said...

I swear to god, I haven't picked any exasperate-CrimeNotes-so-much-that-he-quits-the-blog-again fights recently...

dmbmeg said...

Is it April Fool's Day, and I just didn't realize it? Crimenotes, you know I love you man. Come back!

JHC said...

This is bad news man. You're one of the good ones. Sorry to see you go.

Cock D said...

Don't you still owe us a Tournament of Everything finale?

Or is that Flop's problem?

Passion of the Weiss said...

is this a joke...where are you going? Can we all come too? Will you at least blog for me or something?


blythe said...

was it something i said?

crimenotes said...

Thanks guys. Going back and forth with all of you (except for dmbmeg) has been the best part of this.

I didn't say much in this post out of concern of being too self-aggrandizing or lofty, only to come back a month or two later and decide to keep writing. Besides, ending a blog isn't too much of a big deal and I didn't want to treat it as such.

A few things that factored into this:

1.) Writing a first-person blog (by which I mean, a site where I wrote about myself almost as often as not) was getting boring. It also was affecting how I thought of things; like the douchetards who need to take pictures of the band with the cameraphone, there have been points in the last year or so where I recognized things as blog material as they were happening. This is stupid/lame.

2.) Lately when I sign into blogger I've had the same sense of boredom and monotony that I get when my alarm clock goes off in the morning and I know I need to get my ass to the office.

3.) The blog format can, at times, be limiting. It's tough to keep things high-quality while posting frequently.

4.) While not particularly time-consuming, hours and energy spent blogging could maybe be put to more constructive longer-term projects.

5.) 2-1/2 years is a long time to do anything.

6.) If I miss it, I can always come back, either here or elsewhere.

Jaime: Please don't draw the line at pouting. Bawl. Bawl openly. Maybe that will dissuade me?

Crunk: Those threats were never serious and weren't even threats.

dmbmeg: APRIL FOOL'S!

Jebus: Thanks dude. Look forward to continuing to read your stuff.

cock d: It's Dylan. All Dylan. He sweeps through to victory. The problem was always to write it up in a way that I liked. cf. Reason #3.

Jeff: It'd be my honor. You're pretty much the model for how to do this. I woke up today feeling like I should post about the New Pornographers; but I also want to rip the shit out of this hideous "In the Ghetto" Lisa-Marie revival, which makes me sick to my fucking core ... Shit, dude, why am I quitting again?

Blythe: It was Mr. Shain, actually, Remember months ago when he left a comment calling me "douchey," then later, an "asshole"? That's when it started to fall apart, young lady.

Flop said...

Dude, when you come back from all the riotous, prostitute-intensive, blog-free living, and all the commenters want to kill a fatted calf in your honor, I'm going to be totally jealous.

Jeffrey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crimenotes said...

I should've sent this out with a riotous, prostitute-intensive post written in the third person -- and then tendered my resignation.

If lust and hate is the candy, if blood and love taste so sweet, then we'll give 'em what they want.

crimenotes said...

dmbmeg -- was kidding, I've even liked corresponding with you, LOLzy. You'll just have to find a new assface to kick around.

crimenotes said...

Also, Blythe: At what point do you become impressed with my Utne Reader subscription?

blythe said...

wouldn't you like to know?

i'll miss you, crimenotes. like the desert missed the rain. or whatever.

blythe said...

oh, and also, have you ever stopped to think what effect your "retirement" might have on my hard earned blurb? i'm guessing not.

alls i can say is you'd better michael jordan/garth brooks it up and hurry back. so i can make fun of you.

crimenotes said...

Funny thing, Blythe. I've actually never had a subscription to Utne Reader. I've had Granta, the Paris Review, the New York Review of Books, McSweeneys and The Believer. Which of these impresses you?

I've reflected on the effect of my retirement on your blurb. Seems like it makes the prestige value go up, right? Like, if Salinger gave you a blurb right before he went into seclusion. If I come back, the blurb will be much less important for you. Meanwhile, you can live vicariously through Flop.

dmbmeg said...

I know, Crimenotes. I know.
See you at the next NYC Blogger Happy Hour, right?!?!?!?!

brunette like me said...

It's a shame to read, "you go." I've really enjoyed your material.

evil girl said...

c-notes is just an assface who couldn't keep up the work.

fucking pussy.