Friday, August 10, 2007

Not funny

Andy Samberg.

"Dick in a Box" didn't make any sense, and it was ripped off from Diner to boot.

Go away, Andy Samberg. Just because your mouth is preternaturally large doesn't mean you're funny.


dmbmeg said...

I laughed at Dick in a Box

However, Lazy Sunday I just didn't understand. And I fucking hate Magnolia cupcakes.

Cock D said...


blythe said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, am i the only person who was devastated at the loss of chris parnell? andy blows, but merve the perve was great!

JebusHChrist said...

Merve the perve was the best worst character ever.

blythe said...


at least parnell's still kickin' it on 30 rock as dr. leo spaceman. oh chris... no one understands his genius. kind of like me. but not.

crimenotes said...

dmbm: I laughed at "Lazy Sunday." Why was "Dick in a Box" funny?

cock d: I hope you mean with me, as well as samberg.

blythe: I don't know if I've ever been sad about someone leaving the show, except Bill Murray, but I was about two then, so that sadness is only retrospective.

jebus: Fuckin' meerkats.

blythe: I understand your genius.

Flop said...

Dick in a box was funny because it made fun of the cheesy early 90's white-boy r&b/soul acts like Color Me Badd that are a major influence on Justin Timberlake and other boy bands.

Also, when he makes the little hand gesture along with the line "you put your junk in that bo-o-ox" always slays me.

blythe said...

cheesy early 90's white-boy r&b soul act? or the pride of oklahoma? semantics.

i wish bill murray was my dad. or steve martin, if bill's busy.

and, there's not really a lot of genius, so i guess it's easy to understand.

crimenotes said...

Why is it still funny to mock Color Me Badd? That's just lazy.