Friday, August 24, 2007

If you guessed beer, you're mostly right

I feel so pretty!

It looks as though the answer was in my previous post all along. Evil girl has sent me more Bell's. Out of the goodness of her heart and sympathy for my essentially Bell's-free existence in New York, yes. But she also meant it as an inducement to be in her wedding.

Yes, I'm going to be a bridesmaid.

Or whatever a male attendant for the bride is called. I suppose this will engender a new comment guessing-game.

I hope the dress doesn't make my ass look big.


VerbalD said...

mini kegs are awesome. congrats, hopefully she won't make you wear pea green either.

double entendre said...

Evil Girl is getting married? Wow. Congrats, Evil Girl.

dmbmeg said...

flop you will look so pretty with a bow in your hair.

crimenotes said...

What body parts of her victims were concealed in this "beer"?

Yes, I'll have another said...

Holy Shit. I popped open your blog and I found my favorite beer staring back at me.

When I moved to DC I thought the only thing I would miss about Michigan is football games and Oberon in the summer.

But oh no. They sell it all over the place down here (the beer, not Michigan football. Go figure.) I can't believe they don't distribute in NY. Bastards.


Crunk Raconteur said...

"Yes, I'm going to be a bridesmaid.

Or whatever a male attendant for the bride is called."

Um...I'm pretty sure we're going to call it "bridesmaid."

And I got four words: Huge, taffeta ass bow.

Flop said...

Crunk, you're just jealous because I might be involved in a post-reception hookup involving two bridesmaids.

Also because I'm going to look so very, very pretty.

evil girl said...

You'll look even prettier if you tuck it flop, otherwise the taffeta might look lumpy.

CrimeNotes said...

Is Flop in charge of your bachelorette party? Will there be a snuff film?