Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Slawgust the seventh

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said a post a day. And you know what? Here's your stinkin' post. We've all got priorities.

Based on this post, I'm pretty sure Midwestern Gal is out in the heat and humidity, cranking out some six-minute miles while either cooking or making love right now. And Meg is probably disrobing, falling down or both -- or possibly gyrating with the undead -- because that's just how she does.

But I'm about to slice into an ice-cold watermelon and then watch some episodes of Lost. What was your Tuesday night like?


CrimeNotes said...

What was your Tuesday night like?

Euthenasia fantasies.

crimenotes said...

Daddy had a hard day at work.

dmbmeg said...

Dr. K is available.

ANd sentences that include me and gyration are always welcome.

DrunkBrunch said...

I was high on Benadryl.

I'm hoping my friend still has the Lost season finale on DVR because I still haven't seen it!

blythe said...

I was high on Benadryl.

is there any other way?