Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's in the box?

Actually, I could totally use a food processor. Any chance that's what it is?

My friend evil girl sent me a package the other day. I opened it and at the top of the box, above all the packing material, was a card envelope with this message on the front:

do not open yet!
call me when you get this

Naturally, when I called, she was busy. And when she called back, I was busy. And now it's been almost 24 hours and I still don't know what's in that box.

All I know is that it's not a Black&Decker 475-watt Crush Master (TM) 10-speed blender. My guess is booze of some sort, because evil girl is sweet like that. She once sent me a six pack of Bell's Best Brown for Christmas. I gave one to CrimeNotes at my New Year's Party, and then spilled it for him when he went out to pick up dinner for everyone, which was totaly ungrateful of me. And last time I was in evil girl's town, she and I did much drinking of Bell's in the out-of-doors.

Anyway, the box is fairly heavy, and as you can see from the photo, bigger than a breadbox. Your guesses are welcome in the comments.


crimenotes said...

It's a severed head, I'm sure. The question is: whose?

VerbalD said...

a mini keg of oberon

JHC said...

Does is smell funny?
(not funny haha funny, funny strange funny)

dmbmeg said...

Dude, CrimeNotes, I was going to guess Gwyneth Paltrow's head.

JHC said...

I fucking wish.

Todd said...

I say it's a breadbox.

(Is it your birthday?)

flop said...

No, it's not my birthday. I've actually since opened it, but I'm not going to post what it was until late tonight or tomorrow. One person has come kind of close, though.

dmbmeg said...

Chris Martin's head?

crimenotes said...

Without naming names, I'm going to guess that the severed head once wrote News and was a substandard wire editor. But that's just a guess.