Monday, May 16, 2005

ABB on presidential biking

The great blogger ABB (or, as I like to think of her, the future Mrs. CrimeNotes) goes on a beautiful tirade about the slap-in-the-face quality of the president's Maryland bike ride during last week's plane-over-D.C. scare:
Hey asshole! You wanted this job. You fucking lied and sold your soul for it. Gerald Ford got some slack for falling and looking like shit. But you! Yeah, you Scooter! You need to take this shit a little more serious. Fuck it, a lot more serious. You have about 2000 to-dos and, as one of your bosses, I expect more. Give me some Bill Clinton bags under the eyes and a little haggardness. Fake it, motherfucker! Because when you go out and bike in the middle of a war it pisses me the fuck off!

And that is why I love her. Gail Collins and the Times op-ed page, please take note.

Also, Rude Pundit is in great form today, albeit less vulgar than usual. I had CNN's Crossfire on TV as I was heading out the door for Saturday night socializing, and freaked when Bob Novak compared the Democratic handling of judicial nominees to the Holocaust. Rude Pundit gives the rundown.

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