Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cole Slaw Blog celebrity sighting*

First things first: Neither of Cole Slaw Blog's proprietors actually saw the celebrity in question, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. He was espied by Official Blog Pinup Brian, while I waited in the back of Old Town, nursing a pint.

I was sitting there, happily sipping and wondering if the yuppie-ish dude next to me with his hair done like that one dude on Real World/Road Rules II went to work that way or stopped off at home to gel it when Brian arrived, gestured toward the door and announced "Dude, Mike Bloomberg is here."

Hizzoner, however, went to the upstairs dining room before I could lay eyes on him and Brian and I proceeded to have drinks.


brian the pinup said...

And might I add, from my experience of last night, that if the only constituency in this city were suited yups hanging out at the front of otherwise-awesome old bars...then Bloomie'd have reelection in the bag, jack.

CrimeNotes said...

If I saw him, I would have lit up a Marlboro and told him to stick the West Side Stadium where the sun don't shine.

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