Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wine Review: Here's looking at you, kid

Oh, it was all too perfect, wasn't it? I was all set to do Cole Slaw Blog's first-ever review of fine wines. I bought an inexpensive Bordeaux to go up against a similarly styled blend (Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot) from Washington State and I was going to see how the two fared against each other. But it was a total fucking rout. The Bordeaux tasted like it came from Home Depot _ far too much lumber. What does a blogger expect for $9?

Well, the other wine, from the Columbia River valley, was pretty damn good, and only $8. Which is why Cole Slaw Blog is now thinking of the many times he's visited Portland, Ore. and Seattle, and no longer paying any goddamn attention to what he's supposed to be writing. Also, Cole Slaw Blog has now put in his favorite DVD and will be outsourcing the rest of this review. Cheers!

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CrimeNotes said...

Speaking for the other half of Cole Slaw Blog, I can't stand wine, never drink the stuff. It's the favorite beverage of the so-called chattering classes. I suspect that when Alex Kuczynski and her scarfwearing harridan friends decide it's time for a "girls' night," the patronize wine bars. In conclusion, wine is abominable, please don't bring it to my parties.