Monday, May 30, 2005

Fake U2, dangerous four-year-olds, and more: Memorial Weekend roundup

  • The wizards at Improv Everywhere cooked up a great stunt wherein they staged a phony U2 concert on a rooftop across from Madison Square Garden. The Times covers it here.
  • Caught the HBO adaptation of Richard Russo's Empire Falls in between drunken escapades. A little hamhanded, and the narrator gave the movie the feel of a Smucker's ad. Helen Hunt overacted and made her character unlikeable. All in all, though, it was a watchable, appealing movie, if nothing special. I liked the book when it came out, but it hasn't resonated with me over time.
  • Blog pin-up Brian has coined the phrase "Hamptons filter" to describe the city over Memorial Day weekend. Everyplace seemed less congested and obnoxious than on a typical weekend night. It was a nice 72 hours for drinking and lounging.
  • Brother Spinachdip photographed an epic piece of graffiti close to the Williamsburg Bridge. "Neckface" is a prolific tagger who seems to have become a lower Manhattan folk hero. At my former workplace, two of my co-workers were nicknamed Neckface, for reasons that never were clear.
  • Enjoy that rarity of rarities: a great David Brooks column.
  • More Times love: the paper's series on class in America has been excellent.
  • Llamas are the new stem cells.
  • While at Prospect Park, a crazed four-year-old saw me walking with two friends. She looked me in the eye, yelled, then came plowing over. She tried to smack my crotch, but missed, hitting me in the thigh instead. In Joey Lawrence fashion, I yelled, "Whoa!" Crazy four-year-old.


brian the pinup said...

Keeping true to form in only really reading when I might be mentioned (either I have a tightly-controlled public image or very low self-esteem, your pick), I do feel the need to clarify. The "Hamptons Filter" is actually in effect throughout the summer in NYC, though its a much stronger pull on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day than on average weekends. How I love summer in the city.

PS -- guys, in reference to Flop's suggestion that I guest-blog regarding your interactions, I actually did think about it through the hangover on Sunday. (BTW the bourbon...not so much a good idea after all) But "they bicker like an old married couple" is all I could come up with and, well, that's pretty much patently obvious. Plus, though I never really read it, I don't really hate the Style section all that much and thus could never truely contribute.

CrimeNotes said...

I only vaguely remember the guest-blogging suggestion. Chalk that up to the bourbon. It never would have happened in real life.

And speaking of the bourbon -- that mistake will never be repeated on my part. If a drink can't be described as "hoppy," I'm not going to touch it.

brian the pinup said...

Oh but I love the bourbon saturday nights...its just the sunday mornings that remind me why I stick with beer.

As for the suggestion, it came pre-bourbon, but post-fourth-round. Wasn't really sure what the point was supposed to be, at any rate.

CrimeNotes said...

I don't think there was any point to the guest-blogging suggestion, other than either Flop or myself looking for ego gratification. Then again, for the first half of the night I wasn't paying attention to anything, and for the second half I was drunk.

winston said...

the hamptons filter is a gorgeous thing, and perhaps reason for the nyt to suspend publication of the styles section between memorial day and labor day --

crimenotes: i expect a full report from your weekend in b.r. ...