Wednesday, May 18, 2005

An update on Andy Sands

We previously noted the antics of a guerrilla reviewer on Amazon by the name of Andy Sands. Sands continues to spread his wisdom throughout the site, but in the following review of the Bible, he outdoes himself.
I found this book to be a bit too long and at times quite boring too. It is far from being a page turner so if you are thinking of taking this on holiday as your beach book, stick with something like John Grisham or perhaps buy the new Harry Potter. I thought the plot was rather too far fetched and I found my willing suspension of disbelief was tested on more than one occassion. I did like the character of Jesus though as he did magic tricks. I also liked the part where he came back as a zombie. The author obviously has an agenda so beware, he keeps slipping in some pretty "out there" and quite frankly misogynistic, homophobic and racist ideas.

Verdict: not for everybody.
Amen. But he does not exempt the world's leading atheist and one of my favorite writers, Richard Dawkins. Here's his review of The Selfish Gene.
The youths I work with are clearly rife with this gene. It explains a lot. They let their phones ring and ring. They offer my services to ladies. For shame.
Andy Sands, if you're out there and reading, you're hired.

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