Monday, May 23, 2005

My geek flag flies

Cole Slaw Blog's Manhattan branch is thrilled with the news that the Senate has reached a compromise on the judicial filibuster. I've been fixated with this issue for months, and have lost much workplace productivity because of it. Indeed, the compromise means to me what the new Star Wars movie means to Flop, blog perv Danielle, and others. Both halves of the so-called Group of 14 have served the courts and the Senate well. My only beef is that the most troubling nominee -- Janice Rogers Brown -- will likely pass through the whole Senate. At various speaking engagements, Brown has made hugely inflammatory remarks, and is the only nominee that the fictional Senator CrimeNotes (D-Cole Slaw Nation) would have gone to the mats to stop. She essentially is on the record for supporting a pre-New Deal, Lochner-era jurisprudence. "Outside the mainstream" is a polite way of describing her principles.

Even so, her approval may be a small price to pay in averting the domestic political equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I was thrilled watching the press conference of the 14 senators, even the ones I don't like. If George Lucas (or Sharat) makes a movie about this, I'll see you in line.

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Flop said...

I was considering a dissent to this, because of the Republicans' abysmal record as far as word-keeping goes, as well as the soft landing this assures of judges as bad as Janice Rogers Brown. But then I saw all the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth on the freeper websites and the like, and reconsidered. Anything that has James Dobson in a snit can't be all bad. Depending on developments in the near future, I may yet pen a respectful dissent.