Thursday, May 05, 2005

Amazon reviews are funny

Someone who calls himself Andy Sands and claims to reside in London is posting great reviews all over Amazon. He gives five stars to a ten-pound block of almond paste, and condemns Rebel Without a Cause for corrupting youth. (I found him through a Team America review blasting the movie for undermining the war on terror.) He's done more than a hundred of them, and they're great.

Here's his review of Mein Kampf:
I must say, I was surprised at how such a big racist could get a publisher to back him. I couldn't get away with this saying sort of thing at work yet he can say it to the world and his wife! It's one rule for Hitler and another for everyone else.
Here is his review of the Kaiser Chiefs album (typos left intact):

Upon my first listen I concluded this to be an ok album, accordingly I thought I would go to see the band perform their songs live. This harrowing experience has somewhat changed my opinion. People were jumping around like loonies, it was most annoying, and someone spilled their drink on me. Not what you'd expect at a concert at all. The girl next to me thought so too and we both spent the night berating the loonies for their jumping shenanigans. The band did nothing to calm down the situation. They almost encouraged it infact. They have gone down in my estimation because of this. I can only conclude that their music is a dangerous influence on our youth and should be avoided.


Huw said...

Love it, Love it, Love it.

Reminds me of this loon who left crazy feedback for people on ebay...

CrimeNotes said...

I spent a good half-hour at work reading these and giggling.