Friday, May 13, 2005

Wild horses on West 14th

Jennifer 8. Lee (who, amazingly, has so far escaped the ire of this site) reports breaking news about a pair of horses who got loose in the Meatpacking District, running at full gallop with the flow of traffic. The horses were carrying a stagecoach advertising some kind of Shania Twain perfume, which I can only assume smells like horse. A white van bumped the stagecoach, the stagecoach tipped, and the protagonists of this story, Princess and Hero, bolted.

As shown in a recent Deadwood episode, the consequences of a loosened horse can be dire. No reports of any Meatpacking District denizens being trampled in the chaos.

The day was saved when a quickthinking construction worker reined in Princess, and some cops on an antiterrorism drill snagged Hero. I'm glad that both horses are safe, and hope that they enjoyed West 14th more than I do.

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